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Montolit Manual Tile Cutters

Brevetti Montolit

Montolit are an Italian company who have been specialising in high end tile cutting tools since the 1940s. They produce a comprehensive range of tile cutters, tiling drill bits, cutting discs and tiling tools.

In this article we have highlighted just the manual tile cutters with a brief overview of who they are aimed at and what their capabilities are.

Tiles and Trims keep a full stock of all of the manual tile cutting equipment listed below.

Mini Montolit Tile Cutters

The MiniMontolit Evolution 2 tile cutters is aimed at DIY users and professional tilers who need something small and convienent when tiling small areas. The MiniMontolit will handle cuts of up to 20mm.

It is a simple to use tile cutter with and easy to use push action giving accurate cuts. 

The MiniMontolit is available in two sizes, the smaller of the two, the 26A2 will cut a maximum tile size of 36cm with a diagonal cutter length of 25cm, whereas the larger 43A2 has a maximum cutting length of 45cm and a diagonal cutting length of 31cm.

MiniPiuma Tile Cutters

Montolit MiniPiuma

It is fair to say that the MiniPiuma Tile Cutter from Brevetti Montolit is a smaller version more simplistic version of the much acclaimed MasterPiuma. This size of this range of manual cutters make it a great tool to use in areas where it is impractical to use a large cutter, such as a small cloakroom. 

It's primary purpose is to cut small porcelain tiles and when used in conjunction with the Montolit MosaKit Rubber Mosaic Cutting Pad it is perfect for cutting mosiac tiles and small glass tiles.

It also has the added benefit of being supplied in a solid plastic case.

The smaller MiniPiuma 26P has a cutting length of 26cm and a diagonal cutting length of 25cm. The larger 43P model cuts a maximum of 45cm with a diagonal cut of 31cm.

MasterPiuma P3 Tile Cutters

MasterPiuma P3

The multifunction, power and precision of the Montolit Masterpiuma P3 are the main factors that make it an innovative solution for handheld tile cutting.

Montolit Masterpiuma tile cutters are lighter than similar sized tile cutters from other manufacturers. It is capable of cutting all types of tile, with thickness up to 22 mm, quickly and accurately.

The Montolit MasterPiuma P3 tile cutters come in a variety of sizes;

ModelMax Cutting LengthDiagonal Cutting Length
MasterPiuma 44P344cm (17in)31cm (12in)
MasterPiuma 52P352cm (20in)37cm (14in)
MasterPiuma 63P363cm (24.5in)44cm (17in)
MasterPiuma 75P375cm (29in)53cm (21in)
MasterPiuma 93P393cm (36in)66cm (26in)
MasterPiuma 125P3125cm (49in)88cm (34.5in)
MasterPiuma 155P3155cm (61in)109cm (43in)

MasterPiuma P5 Tile Cutters

MasterPiuma P5

First of all why no P4? Well, apparently that was due to the launch of the new range of Sigma Tile Cutters, the Series 4, therefore it was a straighforward decision to prevent any confusion between the brands and models.

The Montolit P5 Tile Cutter is brand new and features some upgrades to the P3 range. The P3 range will remain current and available for the forseeable future. With the improvements comes an increase in cost which might be hard to justify compared to the already excellent P3 tile cutters.

The first thing of note is the lack of the smaller format tile cutters, the entry level cutter in the P5 range now starts at 63cm, clearly aimed for a maximum tile size of 60cm. The two larger MasterPiuma tile cutters in the P5 range have been increased form 125cm to 131cm and 155cm to 161cm when compared to the MasterPiuma P3 tile cutters.

Most of the improvements of the P5 compared to the P3 are aimed at cutting new format tough porcelain tiles, and according to the techincal data released by Montolit the cutting depth is actually slightly less than the MasterPiuma P3 tile cutters - 20mm compared to 22mm.

ModelMax Cutting LengthDiagonal Cutting Length
MasterPiuma 63P563cm (24.5in)44cm (17in)
MasterPiuma 75P575cm (29in)53cm (21in)
MasterPiuma 93P593cm (36in)66cm (26in)
MasterPiuma 131P5131cm (51.5in)92cm (36.5in)
MasterPiuma 161P5161cm (63.5in)113cm (44.5in)

Flashline 3 Large Format Tile Cutters

Montolit FL3

Aimed solely at large format tile cutters, the Flashline 3 or (FL3) tile cutting system uses a cutting head (there is also a motorised saw option) that slides along a rail system. It is capable of cutting tiles up to 340cm in length.

The cutting head includes 3 different size cutting wheels, the best suited wheel needs to be selected depending on the material being cut. Once an incision has been made the tile is split using the Montolit Dual Splitting clamp. The whole system is modular and can be bought as individual components or as either a manual or motorised kit, these means that the system can be extended later to include both the manual cutting head and motorised saw. 

As great addition to the Flashline 3 is the Table One system which is used as a base when cutting larger format tiles.

March 4, 2022
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