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Rubi Pro-Edger (16956)

Pro - Edger

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£300.00 (inc VAT £360.00)

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The RUBI PRO-EDGER is a PROFESSIONAL accessory, for INTENSIVE use, specially designed for beveling and mitering ceramic tile and natural stone by using a mini-angle grinder and RUBI PRO-EDGER diamond wheels.

The RUBI PRO-EDGER accessory is compatible with practically all mini-grinders on the market (115 or 125), both with cable and battery power. Models with bodies that do not exceed 100 mm in diameter are recommended to guarantee a correct fixation of the mini-grinder to the RUBI PRO-EDGER accessory by joining the threaded shaft (M14) and fixing the quick-release belt. In addition, for best results and greater control of vibrations during the roughing process, a power of 850W is recommended. Thanks to the variety of RUBI PRO-EDGER diamond grinding wheels, we can make blunt bevels with 5 and 10 mm radii as well as 45º miter cuts in pieces up to 15 and 20 mm (depending on the selected grinding wheel model) on all types of tile, including ceramic and natural or sintered stone. The RUBI PRO-EDGER accessory includes, as standard, a RUBI PRO-EDGER diamond grinding wheel for mitering materials up to 20 mm thick (Ref. 16946 - RUBI PRO-EDGER 45º x 20 mm diamond grinding wheel). For the best finishes and to extract the maximum performance from RUBI PRO-EDGER diamond grinding wheels, it is recommended to carry out progressive grinding at different depths.

The RUBI PRO-EDGER accessory incorporates a system of high-speed sealed bearings; the seal protects the bearings from the dust generated during roughing. This seal, together with the high wear-resistant polyethylene skids, facilitate smooth movement along the edge of the piece.

To facilitate the work environment and improve the well-being of the user, the RUBI PRO-EDGER is part of RUBI's ZERO-DUST products, and can be easily adapted to a vacuum cleaner.


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