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Montolit Gecone Cordless Vacuum Suction Cup (Gecone)

Montolit Cordless Vacuum Suction Cup – Gecone

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm
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New from Montolit, the Gecone cordless suction cup offers unparalleled lifting and suction power.

The Gecone has been tested up to 180kg and is guaranteed to hold 100kg on a vertical angle. The Gecone comes with 3 ring seals for different types of tile surface, two batteries and a charger, and a hard box for storage and transport.

The automatic fail safe system secures the load in place in case of a power failure, such as the battery being accidently released.

3 safety features

  • If the pressure start to release it automatically increases to the correct level
  • If the battery dies the Gecone will still grip the tile allowing you to replace the battery
  • The release button must be pressed for atleast 3 seconds to release the tile

The 3 ring seals supplied with the Gecone are used for...

  • Red - standard size tiles
  • Black - hard & thick tiles
  • Black foam - textured tiles

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Montolit Gecone Cordless Vacuum Suction Cup (Gecone)

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