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Montolit Diamond Core Bit for Dry Drilling (FS-18)

Diamond Core Bit for Dry Drilling

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The line of diamond core-bits dry use FS Mondrillo have been designed by Montolit’s R&D department in order to answer tilers’ need for a very fast tool, capable of drilling, without water, any type of ceramics and porcelain tiles. Due its high quality, this diamond drilling cup quickly became popular also in the plumbing world. Although its appearance is almost identical to other similar products, its performance is much higher, thanks to the use of high quality synthetic diamonds and to a specific production process that takes into account every single detail.

The attention to the production process is vital also to the contractor, because he gets the same quality product, with maximum performance over time, even if it comes from different batches.

The diamond core-bits FS Mondrillo by Montolit are a reference for some of the most important ceramics manufacturers worldwide, which suggest this specific product that generates low vibrations, even to avoid installation issues on site.

A frequent asked question about this type of diamond drill bits for tilers or plumbers is the number of holes that can be made with this tool. It is impossible to give a general answer, since the maximum number of holes is closely related to factors such as: tile thickness and hardness, rotation speed, pressure on the tile, using the correct cutting technique, etc.

However, assuming that the diamond core-bits are used correctly and to give an indicative number, we can say that a 35 mm diameter FS Mondrillo drill bit, on a tile porcelain stoneware with a thickness of 7 mm can make several tens of holes, up to 50 holes and even more.


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