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Montolit Brooklyn 101cm Bridge Saw (F1-101-115V-50)

Montolit 110V 101cm F1 Brooklyn Bridge Saw

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Wet Saws


F1 Brooklyn is the new line of wet table saws by Montolit. This bridge wet tile saw presents an advantageous correlation between the powerful engine (1.1 Kw) and the small diameter diamond blade (250mm / 9.84 inches), which guarantees high-ranking performances.

The evolution of tiles (increasingly large, thin and fragile) led to a full reinterpretation of the original Brooklyn project. Montolit’s designers and engineers team have therefore conveyed their efforts into creating a new line of wet table saws which may give tilers the possibility to achieve the highest precision, with a light and reliable tool. This wet table saw was completely conceived for ceramic tiles and porcelain slabs.

F1 Brooklyn Wet Table Saw features

  • 110v
  • Powerful Motor
  • Direct Transmission
  • Light Corrosion Proof Aluminum Frame
  • All the metal parts are zinc-plated then painted
  • Includes DNA SCX250 Diamond Blade
  • Includes Montolit Patented Protractor Sqaure

The supporting system of the bridge wet tile saw has two extendable legs and a support system especially designed for this bridge wet tile saw: in addition to being foldable, the saw’s legs have two extendible ends, which allow the tiler to install the machine on any ground and it becomes very useful in case the surface isn’t completely flat. This also avoids damage to the wet table tile saw, and as a consequence helps reaching the best tile cuts in any context (especially when thinking of special operations like mitre cuts).

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Montolit Brooklyn 101cm Bridge Saw (F1-101-115V-50)

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