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A high-performance acrylic-based Primer

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A high-performance acrylic-based, fine textured bonding agent applied by brush or roller to give an improved key onto smooth impermeable surfaces such as existing ceramic, porcelain & stone tiles, resin-based & glazed coatings, dense power-floated concrete and hard securely bonded vinyl flooring. GRIT-PRIME is a solvent-free low odour blue-pigmented coating which dries within 1 hour and is then ready to receive cement-based tile adhesives and flooring screeds.

  • For use with cement based adhesive and floor screeds
  • Enhances adhesion to impermeable surfaces
  • Suitable for impermeable old vinyl, linoleum & ceramic tiles
  • Promotes a locked in bond to substrate
  • Quick drying low odour & ready to use

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